Repairing Draughty Windows

If you have noticed that some of the rooms in your house are colder than they used to be, it might be because of a draught from your window.

What causes draughts?

Whatever way you spell it, draught or draft, the fact is that almost all draughts coming through windows are caused by worn out hinges. If the hinges on your window are not lubricated regularly they can become stiff. The extra wear and tear on the hinges leads to a small or sometimes not so small gap that allows air to pass through the window. Once this has happened, the hinges need to be replaced. New hinges will ensure that the window closes tightly thus eliminating draughts and excess noise.

There are different types of hinges

  • Egress hinges. These are used in bedrooms to meet building regulations covering fire escape.
  • Counter-balanced hinges. These should be used everywhere else.

The scissor hinges on most windows look very similar but there are very important differences between the many hinges and ensuring that the correct hinge is used is vital.  For example, most hinges on bedroom windows are an egress type. This hinge allows the window to open to 90°. This is to give you the maximum space for escaping in the event of a fire.  Egress hinges are legally required in some locations and fitting the incorrect hinge could make it difficult or impossible to escape in the event of a fire.Egress Friction Hinge

Egress hinges themselves are not as strong or long lasting as other types. They are very vulnerable to wind damage, therefore it is important that they are only used where they need to be used. Counter-balanced hinges are not as prone to wind damage and so should be used wherever possible. Other hinge types include Butt hinges and Flag hinges.

Most of these hinges appear very similar to the untrained eye but there are some very important and often subtle differences between them. It is vital that hinges are replaced with the correct type to suit your window and its location; otherwise you risk damage to the window, a shorter lifespan of the new part or even difficulty escaping through the window in the event of a fire.

Ambassador Window Repairs stock a huge selection of window hinges.  This means that if your window needs an egress hinge for fire safety or a counterbalanced hinge that will resist wind damage; we will have the correct hinge for your window. Some repair companies adopt a one size fits all approach. With so many different window types this may make life easier for them, but nothing works better and safer than the correct part in the correct place.

When people complain about their windows the number one complaint is draughts. This problem is easily fixed so please don’t waste money getting new windows when all you need is a simple repair. Don’t suffer cold draughts or noise from outside when new hinges can leave your window as good as new.

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