Can you Defog windows

Fogged-up double glazing?

Can you defog windows?  Many people ask us if it is possible to defog their windows.  Condensation trapped between the panes of double glazing is unsightly and the idea of defogging windows is attractive.  What is the best course of action for someone that has fogged-up double glazing.

The options

Cheap fix.     There are companies that will drill a hole in your glass and remove the moisture from your glazing.  This is a low cost solution but it has drawbacks. Firstly, it can only be carried out on the most basic of double glazing.  Doors and any windows using toughened safety glass cannot be drilled.  Secondly, most misted-up panes are stained and dirtied by the moisture and will be very unsightly even after the moisture is removed.  Thirdly, I believe that the lure of a cheap solution is really only a “foot in the door” sales trick.  With new windows or new double glazing being offered to a captive audience.

Replacement Panes.      I believe this is the best option.  Most window frames are perfectly fine despite what a window salesman might say.  If you replace the glass you are guaranteed a minimum 10 years free from condensation and I would expect that a correctly fitted double glazed unit will last 25 years or more.  There is no mess when panes are replaced, it takes very little time and you will have the option of upgrading the glass to high performance Pilkington glass which is around 65% more efficient.

Replacement Windows.     Sometimes it is not worth repairing a window.  New windows are relatively cheap compared to years gone by.  New windows are very efficient and obviously can come in a range of colours and designs to suit your home.  Replacing windows will always cost more than repairing existing windows and there will be cleaning and redecorating to be done too.

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