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  • Condensation

    Where does condensation come from? For the purpose of this article we are talking about condensation on the inside surface of a window where you can touch it. For condensation between panes or on the outside see: HERE The answer is very often, ourselves. When …

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  • Can you Defog windows

    Fogged-up double glazing? Can you defog windows?  Many people ask us if it is possible to defog their windows.  Condensation trapped between the panes of double glazing is unsightly and the idea of defogging windows is attractive.  What is the best course of action for …

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  • Heat Retaining Low-e Glass

    Energy Efficient Low-e Glass By now everyone has heard about energy saving glass.  There are constant radio adverts and much hype surrounding this product. The technology for low emissivity or low-e glass was developed in the late 1950’s However it was only in the mid …

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