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  • Repairing Draughty Windows

    If you have noticed that some of the rooms in your house are colder than they used to be, it might be because of a draught from your window. What causes draughts? Whatever way you spell it, draught or draft, the fact is that almost …

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  • Dungarvan Window Repairs

    Ambassador Window Repairs are specialists in the repair of PVC and Aluminium windows.  We stop draughts & replace fogged-up double glazing. Because window repairs is our main focus we are fast and competitive when it comes to repairing your windows.  Don’t replace your windows when …

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  • Fixing Draughty Windows

    Fixing draughty windows. Many people complain that their windows are old and draughty.  The truth is that while the windows may be old there is no excuse for putting up with draughty windows.  Draughts can be stopped easily by replacing the hinges on your windows.  …

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